Georgie is a Melbourne based clinical naturopath and nutritionist who brings a refreshing take on wholefoods and balance to the table. Her side bizz, Gold Drip brings the very best fresh turmeric lattes to cafes all over Melbourne. We’ve all heard of turmeric and we all know it’s good for us. Read on to find out why!


So tell us, why is turmeric SO amazing? 

People ask me this all the time and the quickest way to answer is to consider the fact that all disease starts with inflammation. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and actually switches off the gene that tells our cells how to make pro-inflammatory chemicals. That is why turmeric is so amazing and is said to be a “cure-all”. It’s great for skin, digestion, cardiovascular health, mental health and might even lower your risk of cancer and autoimmune disease, simply because it is so good at stopping inflammation right from the root. Pardon the pun!


Aside from being an anti-inflammatory, what else can turmeric do for us?

Turmeric also acts as an antioxidant, which means that it can scavenge free radicals that damage our cells, increase the rate of ageing and put us at risk of certain diseases. Free radicals are generated just by being a living, breathing organism, but it’s about keeping these levels under control and not tipping the scales too much into an excess of free radicals. Stress, poor diet, too much sun, disrupted sleep patterns such as shift workers, toxin exposure from our environment and plane travel can all increase free radical production. Most of us have some of these factors in our everyday lives, so helping to limit free radicals with a daily dose of turmeric is certainly a good thing to keep you healthy and slow the ageing process.

How did gold drip come to fruition?

Gold Drip was an idea I first had three years ago when I made my first golden latte at home, using fresh turmeric and fresh ginger. I noticed the difference made by using fresh turmeric immediately. It was like drinking sunshine in a cup and I was completely addicted. Frustrated that my local cafes did not offer golden lattes with fresh turmeric, and the powder stuff tasted so bitter, I had to make my own fresh turmeric paste that I kept in a jar in the fridge so that I could make fresh golden lattes quickly and easily for myself at home. Showing my creation to family and friends, I realised I had something special, a type of turmeric that people enjoyed drinking. As a naturopath, I was so excited to be able to offer a delicious way to support the health of my loved ones and clients.



What is the difference between choosing a fresh turmeric blend rather than dried powder?

First of all, and something that is very important to me, is the amazing taste of fresh turmeric root compared to the powder. When fresh turmeric root is processed into a powder, it goes through a heating and drying phase that damages some of the volatile oils that make up the naturally sweet, delicious taste of fresh turmeric. Only the bitter compounds are left behind, so powered turmeric can have quite different bitter taste, as we are used to experiencing in curry. Turmeric powder also goes through a fumigation process, where the turmeric roots are bathed in chemical gases. Secondly, with the volatile oils remaining in tact, fresh turmeric is naturally more easily absorbed by the body, as the fats assist the gastrointestinal uptake of the “active components” called curcuminoids.


Aside from drinking gold drip, what are some other ways we can incorporate turmeric into our lives?

Turmeric is delicious added to vegetable stews and curries. I love to add some to my homemade pumpkin soup in winter and I’ll often throw a piece of frozen organic turmeric root into my green smoothies in the morning. Turmeric on scrambled eggs is another winner. A more recent discovery of mine is the delights of making jelly with Gold Drip, just adding some Gold Drip and a little extra honey for sweetness to hot coconut milk and gelatin and leaving overnight in the fridge.

What is your wellness philosophy?

I believe that a balanced, whole-food diet and low-stress lifestyle is often enough to bring the body back into a state of health. It can be very simple. However, with our busy modern day lives, eating the right foods and keeping zen on most days is not always achievable. Thankfully we have amazing herbs and nutritional supplements to support ourselves and make it a whole lot easier to thrive.


For more about Georgie and all things turmeric you can follow her here and here.

All photos via Georgie Collinson

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