A strong libido is a by-product and benefit of peak health. Your hormone health, and thus your libido, is a reflection of multiple aspects of your health, hence a lacking libido is a sign of an imbalance on either a physical, mental or emotional level.

From a physical perspective, a common contributor to low libido is a deficiency in zinc. Symptoms which may be caused by a zinc deficiency include hormonal imbalance, poor digestion, depression, anxiety, insomnia, hair loss and of course low libido. Zinc is essential for hormone synthesis including oestrogen and testosterone and reproductive health cannot occur without it. Rectifying a zinc deficiency (if proven – do not supplement without testing) can alleviate most of these symptoms including low libido. Oysters are by far the highest dietary source of zinc – get shucking!

Herbal aphrodisiacs also work on regulating hormones to boost libido and can include damiana and tribulus, though these should not be taken unless prescribed by a naturopath or herbalist.

Mental and emotional issues can also impact libido – stress and fatigue are both major culprits, and of course a breakdown in communication or unresolved emotional issues issues can contribute to a low libido. Occasionally serious illness can cause low libido, so if your libido is low for an extended period of time please do seek assistance from a qualified health professional.

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