Sometimes getting supplements in can be tricky, and you need to get creative. I have many a trick up my sleeve for sneaking supplements and medicines into little ones, or to hide the taste and texture from even the fussiest of adults.

One said trick is a good old ice lolly, icey pole or ice pop – depending on where in the world you hail from.

Vitamin C is an excellent nutrient for supporting the immune system – it is antibacterial, antiviral, an antioxidant, supports ovulation to support conception and pregnancy, feeds the adrenal glands during times of stress, aids iron absorption, and so much more.

To make vitamin C ice lollies, you will need:

  • 1 serve vitamin C powder per ice lolly
  • Coconut water (organic, no added sugar)
  • Ice lolly mould (non toxic/BPA free – i.e. food grade silicone)


  • Measure coconut water into ice lolly mould and calculate the amount of liquid you will need for your moulds
  • Combine 1 serve of vitamin C powder per mould with the amount of coconut water required to fill each mould, mix until well dissolved
  • Add mixture to ice lolly moulds through a funnel
  • Add lids to ice lolly moulds and place in fridge overnight


  • Replace coconut water with fresh pineapple or pear juice
  • Add sliced fruit to ice lolly moulds before sealing: try strawberries, raspberries or kiwi fruit, or finely sliced fresh mint
  • Experiment with other flavours you or your children like!

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