It is estimated that up to 50% of infertility is due to male factors. That’s right, there are plenty of women undergoing IVF when the issue preventing conception is not to do with them, but is to do with the male partner involved. Compromised sperm. The primary role of sperm is to deliver DNA to the egg, to create a baby. This sounds easy enough, but in order to do this the sperm needs to be the correct morphology (shape), i.e. needs to have one head and one tail (not two heads and not two or three or more tails), and the sperm needs to have good motility (it needs to be able to not only swim, but swim in the right direction towards the egg). There also needs to be enough of the actual sperm per ejaculate (good sperm count), and there needs to be minimal DNA fragmentation (damaged DNA).

Unlike women, who are born with all of their eggs, men generate new sperm on a daily basis. Sperm has a life cycle of 72-76 days. This means that with 3-4 months of focused treatment you can completely change the shape, movement and overall quality of sperm. This includes the DNA of the sperm, which in turn creates the DNA of your baby. We are able to improve these test results considerably, to not only improve the chances of conception and a full-term pregnancy, but to also improve the health of future child significantly.

We know that is men have poor quality sperm, the woman’s body has to spend a lot of resources cleaning this up when the sperm reach her egg. If the woman does not have these resources, conception becomes a lot more difficult. Optimising sperm health is incredibly important for fertility outcomes.

Making babies is not just about the woman, or the egg. A holistic view on both partners is essential, and the male partner involved should absolutely be addressing both his sperm health and overall health for the best chances of conception, a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a healthy future child.

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