Initial consultation (1 hour): £150

Your initial consultation will take a comprehensive analysis of your current health, medical history, genetics, hormones, gut health, nervous system, immune system, nutritional status and diet.

You will receive a detailed summary of your health analysis and the potential causes of your symptoms. You will also receive a treatment plan which may include recommendations for nutrition, diet, lifestyle, supplements, herbal medicine and further testing e.g. blood testing, hormone testing, microbiome/gut bacteria testing, etc. Supplements and herbal medicines will be delivered to your door.

Follow-up consultation (30 minutes): £100

Your follow-up consultation is typically 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation, and includes an overview of any test results, assessment of your progress and symptoms, reviewing your diet and summarising your next steps.

Extended follow-up consultation (45 minutes): £120

This is for complex conditions and current clients who have not been seen for 6 months.

Acute consultation (15 minutes): £50

An acute consultation is suitable for the following: colds and flus, ear infections, thrush, urinary tract infections (UTI’s), gastro/stomach bugs and acute antibiotic support. It is not for complex conditions or long-standing symptoms.


Mentoring sessions are for those wanting to enter the natural medicine profession and health industry, for students of natural medicine and for new graduates who are seeking guidance and support.

1 hour: £110
30 minutes: £70

Mentoring package:
1 x 1 hour
2 x 30 minutes