Blood Test Interpretation



Have you been told by your doctor that your blood tests are fine, yet you remain exhausted, moody, irritable, anxious… potentially with a host of hormone, skin and gut complaints? It might be time for a second opinion.

Naturopathic and functional medicine takes a different view on blood tests. We use much stricter reference ranges, so where your doctor may look at your tests and say everything is “within range”, naturopaths see the finer detail and can identify aberrations in hormones and nutritional deficiencies.

We are looking for optimal levels of blood test markers, not levels that are “fine”, and this is what can make all the difference to your energy, mood, hormone health and more.

After purchasing, please email with your purchase number, full name and blood tests. Please allow 7 days for your results to be returned to you.

You will also receive recommendations for a prescription to begin rectifying the problems identified.

Recommended blood tests include:
– Full blood examination/full blood count
– Iron panel including ferritin
– Vitamin B12
– Folate
– Vitamin D
– Zinc
– Copper
– Fasting insulin
– Fasting glucose

If hormones/fertility is concerned:
– Estradiol (days 2-3 of menstrual cycle)
– FSH (days 2-3 of menstrual cycle)
– LH (days 2-3 of menstrual cycle)
– Progesterone (day 21 of cycle)
– Testosterone
– Cortisol
– AMH (ovarian reserve/egg count)
– Semen analysis for male partner involved