E-book: How to Heal Your Thyroid




After seeing hundreds of clients with symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, such as depression, weight gain, brain fog, constipation, hair loss and more, who are either dismissed and told that their thyroid is “fine”, or simply handed a prescription of thyroxine and sent on their way, only to feel no better… It’s time to level up the way we manage thyroid conditions.

This e-book is the for anyone who knows that their thyroid is not right and is ready to take charge, make change and feel better.

You will learn:

  • What the thyroid is and how it works
  • The different types of thyroid hormones and why they matter
  • The stress and thyroid connection
  • The gut, liver and thyroid connection
  • How oestrogen affects your thyroid
  • How the contraceptive pill affects your thyroid
  • About autoimmune thyroid conditions (Hashimoto’s and Grave’s disease)
  • All about thyroid antibodies
  • Testing, testing… the problem with TSH
  • Which testing to order and why
  • Optimal reference ranges for thyroid tests
  • Diet and nutrition for thyroid health
  • What goitrogens are and why you need to avoid them
  • Gluten and thyroid health
  • Herbal medicine for the thyroid
  • Lifestyle hacks for thyroid health


You will receive: 1 PDF download. Please note that the link to download the e-book will appear on your screen immediately after purchasing, which you can then save onto your device. You do not receive an email with the PDF attached.